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Book now for engaging and encouraging A level Further Maths lessons online, tailored to your needs..

I’m Doc Ghouse and I have a wealth of experience in online A Level Further Maths tuition and will provide bespoke online maths lessons to suit your needs and aspirations.

I’m here to improve your understanding, and to give you the tools and confidence to reach your full potential in A Level Further Maths.

The beauty of online A level Further maths Tutoring means we have great flexibility, and I can deliver lessons at an agreed time wherever you are in the UK, or even overseas.

Why choose Doc Ghouse for A Level Further Maths Tutoring?

Further Maths is designed for students with an enthusiasm for maths, many of whom will go on to degrees in maths, engineering, the sciences, and economics—it is not for “the faint-hearted’ and ideally your tutor should be a specialist in this subject. I am one of a few specialist Further Maths tutors offering my services online.

I am passionate about ensuring you feel engaged, and supported in Further Maths and want to are make sure you are poised for higher level study at university. With the insights of a Senior Examiner, I will aim to strengthen your exam technique, problem-solving skills and analytic thinking in preparation for your assessments. Contact me with any questions you might have about my services.

What are the key challenging topics in A-Level Further Maths?

A-Level Further Maths covers a range of advanced level mathematics topics that extend the content covered in A-Level Maths:

  1. Complex Numbers: A-Level Further Maths introduces the concept of ‘imaginary’ (complex) numbers, which extend the concept of real numbers and are widely used in many areas (viz., engineering, physics, and computer science).
  2. Matrices and Linear Transformations: Matrices are widely used in mathematics to represent and solve systems of linear equations. A-Level Further Maths examines topics such as matrix operations, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and matrix transformations.
  3. Proof Techniques: Learning and conquering proof-writing skills is a vital component of advanced mathematics. A-Level Further Maths exposes students to different proof techniques (viz., direct proofs, proof by contradiction, and proof by induction). These skills are crucial for higher-level mathematical study.
  4. Calculus and Advanced Functions: A-Level Further Maths digs deeper into calculus, encompassing topics such as differentiation and integration of more complex functions, including exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. You will also explore advanced techniques such as implicit differentiation and parametric equations.
  5. Differential Equations: Differential equations are fundamental in explaining and modelling various real-world events in science and engineering. A-Level Further Maths exposes students to essential differential equations, learning methods to solve them and analysing the solutions thus received.
  6. Mechanics and Statistics: A-Level Further Maths encompasses sections on mechanics and statistics, building upon the concepts introduced in the traditional maths A-Level. These sections cover topics such as Newtonian mechanics, kinematics, hypothesis testing, probability distributions, and regression analysis.

These topics may seem very challenging at first glance but with the correct guidance and approach from a well-qualified tutor like myself, you will be able to excel at these in the examination.

Doc Ghouse A Level Further Maths tuition aims to:

  • Fill in knowledge gaps
  • Boost your maths confidence
  • Master exam and time management techniques
  • Improve your problem solving, and analytical thinking
  • Give you insights into what Examiners are looking for in your answer
  • Surpass your predicted grade

So, if you are a student who feels you need a boost to your Further Maths or you are a parent or guardian who wants to provide extra support for your child, get in touch today and book your fist online lesson.

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Doc Ghouse, Experienced A Level Further Maths Tutor

I offer bespoke A Level Further Maths tuition online. I am a fully qualified mathematics teacher and this is my 32nd year in the teaching profession. I have had the privilege of being a Senior Examiner for one of the major Exam Boards in England.

If you’re looking for an online further maths tutor to boost your understanding and to reach your full potential, get in touch today.


Frequently asked questions

My normal rates for a one-hour session reflect my extensive experience as an educator & Senior Examiner and are:

  • £32 for up to including GCSE-Level or Scottish National 5 (N5);
  • £42 for up to and including A-Level, Scottish Higher and Advanced Higher;
  • £67 for Further Mathematics; and
  • £32 per session for Exam Taking Skills, Time Management Skills & Independent Learning Skills.

Since the majority of tuition that I offer is online, my availability and hours are very flexible.

Although I am definitely available during the times listed below, I can also make myself available so that you can have a lesson during your ‘homework time’ or your independent study period / free period (if you are a Sixth Former / Uni student).

In other words, with prior agreement you can have a lesson at a mutually-convenient time that is not restricted to the traditional school day (especially, if you are a Sixth Former).


Monday – Friday 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Sunday 4:00pm – 8:00pm

plus other day slots by prior arrangement

I offer bespoke maths tuition for a wide variety of ages (from age 9 to university!). This encompasses major qualifications from GCSE/Nat5 Maths, A-Level/Scottish Higher/Advanced Higher Maths, Further Maths to Uni-level engineering courses.

I am fully trained, and happy to accommodate students with Dyslexia, ADHD & Asperger Syndrome.

I do charge for cancellations, so please bear that in mind.

Mastery of maths subject matter is essential, but effective tutoring hinges on the ability to explain complex ideas in a manner that is clear, captivating, and tailored to each student and that is wahta I offer.

Simply possessing three degrees in Physics doesn’t guarantee proficiency in explaining it at the GCSE level! Tutors who empathise with their students and nurture their confidence enable teenagers to unlock their potential, yielding remarkable progress in just a few sessions.

Before seeking a tutor, it’s beneficial to pinpoint precisely where your child requires assistance—be it a specific Math concept, or refining their exam strategy—and narrow down your options accordingly. This helps me to tailor my sessions to their exact requirements.

If you’re uncertain about their areas of need, engaging in a discussion with them or their teacher can aid in determining the most effective starting point. During an initial meeting, which is  free, you can pose me any questions, and observe my rapport with your child before committing to scheduling sessions.

Online maths tutoring offers children the opportunity to learn at their preferred pace and in alignment with their unique learning preferences. Adolescents frequently feel hesitant to seek help in a classroom setting, particularly when facing difficulties.

Through one-on-one maths tutoring, they gain the reassurance to freely pose questions and review topics until they achieve clarity.

Individual maths tutoring empowers children to unlock their potential.

Concerned about maths learning gaps? We’ll address them comprehensively.
Lack of local tutors? Consider it resolved.
Struggling with academic confidence? Not an issue.

Whatever challenges your child faces, as a maths tutor I will navigate them through complex subjects and enhance their self-assurance. With tailored one-on-one guidance from me, your child can attain the grades they deserve.

I use Skype or Whereby to talk to and see my students, and an interactive colourful teaching platform programme called Scribblar. I create a ‘room’ for each student which has its own whiteboard, and I fully prepare bespoke lessons and worksheets in advance. I upload material I want to discuss and students can download sheets from the room themselves.

Book a trial lesson today.

What do others say?

Feedback from my students/parents

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“You are a wonderful teacher who is inspirational. Thank you for motivating and helping me to pass my GCSE & A-Levels. Thanks to you, I am loving Uni!”

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“Hello Doc, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me conquer my nerves with my Nat5 (especially maths); I got a Grade A in maths (better than what I was predicted or hoped for). You made a world of difference in boosting my confidence and only wish that we had got in touch earlier.”

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“It was a privilege for me to receive extra help from you Doc. Along with your positive engaging personality and extensive background in Maths & Further Maths, you really made a difference in my learning and understanding. Doc, you have inspired me to explore my abilities and stretch myself - you are the reason why I got into UCL! Thank you!”

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“Dr Ghouse: Thank you very much for all your efforts with Karim and Ayla. We, of course, will recommend you to peers, friends, and family.”

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"For me, Dr Ghouse was not just my tutor, he was also my mentor. I would never have been able to get a Level 8 (I was predicted a Level 5 by my school) in Maths without his dedicated guidance."

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"Hello Doc: You really have 'over-prepared' my daughter Mary. From working at a grade 4-5 at the end of Year 10, she is now comfortably sitting on a Grade 9. I have already started recommending you."

Why choose Doc Ghouse’s as your online Further maths tutor?

I offer online maths tutoring of the highest calibre. Most maths tutors ignore the fact that every student has unique support needs. Hence, all my lessons are bespoke (individually prepared and differentiated according to the ability and learning style of the student).

Senior Maths Examiner with an excellent track record

Senior Examiner with an excellent track record

Time management skills

Time management skills

More than 20,000 hours of maths tutoring experience

More than 20,000 hours of tutoring experience

I tutor maths students with special education needs.

I tutor students with special education needs

Former maths lead at a secondary school.

Former maths lead at a secondary school

Maths exam taking skills

Exam taking skills

Bespoke individual online maths tutoring

Bespoke individual online tutoring

More than 32 years of maths teaching experience

More than 32 years of experience