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    Feedback from my students/parents

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    “You are a wonderful teacher who is inspirational. Thank you for motivating and helping me to pass my GCSE & A-Levels. Thanks to you, I am loving Uni!”

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    “Hello Doc, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me conquer my nerves with my Nat5 (especially maths); I got a Grade A in maths (better than what I was predicted or hoped for). You made a world of difference in boosting my confidence and only wish that we had got in touch earlier.”

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    “It was a privilege for me to receive extra help from you Doc. Along with your positive engaging personality and extensive background in Maths & Further Maths, you really made a difference in my learning and understanding. Doc, you have inspired me to explore my abilities and stretch myself - you are the reason why I got into UCL! Thank you!”

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    “Dr Ghouse: Thank you very much for all your efforts with Karim and Ayla. We, of course, will recommend you to peers, friends, and family.”

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    "For me, Dr Ghouse was not just my tutor, he was also my mentor. I would never have been able to get a Level 8 (I was predicted a Level 5 by my school) in Maths without his dedicated guidance."

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    "Hello Doc: You really have 'over-prepared' my daughter Mary. From working at a grade 4-5 at the end of Year 10, she is now comfortably sitting on a Grade 9. I have already started recommending you."


    Frequently asked questions

    I offer bespoke maths tuition for a wide variety of ages (from age 9 to university!). This encompasses major qualifications from GCSE/Nat5 Maths, A-Level/Scottish Higher/Advanced Higher Maths, Further Maths to Uni-level engineering courses.

    I am fully trained and happy to accommodate students with Dyslexia, ADHD & Asperger Syndrome.

    I do charge for cancellations, so please bear that in mind.

    Since the majority of tuition that I offer is online, my availability and hours are very flexible.

    Although I am definitely available during the times listed below, I can also make myself available so that you can have a lesson during your ‘homework time’ or your independent study period / free period (if you are a Sixth Former / Uni student).

    In other words, with prior agreement you can have a lesson at a mutually-convenient time that is not restricted to the traditional school day (especially, if you are a Sixth Former).


    Monday – Friday 4:00pm – 8:00pm

    Sunday 4:00pm – 8:00pm

    plus other day slots by prior arrangement

    My normal rates for a one-hour session reflect my extensive experience as an educator & Senior Examiner and are:

    • £32 for up to including GCSE-Level or Scottish National 5 (N5);
    • £42 for up to and including A-Level, Scottish Higher and Advanced Higher;
    • £67 for Further Mathematics; and
    • £32 per session for Exam Taking Skills, Time Management Skills & Independent Learning Skills.