A-Level Further Maths: Improve your grades and understanding with one-on-one tutoring.

Online further maths Tutor shown by a girl logging on to her computer.If you are looking for Further Maths tuition, Doc Ghouse is a highly experienced Further Maths teacher offering online tutoring. With over 32 years as a maths teacher and previously a senior examiner for one of the main examination boards, Doc Ghouse has the qualifications and experience needed to deliver engaging and enjoyable lessons to his tutees.

Doc Ghouse can boost your Further maths confidence, leading to higher grades and better understanding. I adjust my teaching style to suit the student I am working with. I have experience working with students with special educational needs as well as helping gifted students reach their full potential.

Doc Ghouse Further Maths tuition aims to:

  • Improve your Further Maths grades
  • Fill in knowledge gaps
  • Boost your confidence
  • Master exam techniques

If you’re looking for a Further Maths tutor, whether you’re looking for reinforcement of what you have learned at school or college, you are a high-flyer who needs challenging or you’re someone who needs that little bit of extra help, get in touch today.

A-Level Further Maths Tuition, Birmingham and Online

Doc Ghouse is also available for face to face Further Maths tutoring within 10 miles of my base in Birmingham. Before the pandemic I did all my tutoring face to face, near to where I live in Birmingham. Some people still prefer this type of tutoring and learn better when the tutor is present. Therefore, I am willing to travel within reason if needed. Online Further Maths tutoring means I am available to tutor students across the UK.


Why choose Doc Ghouse’s A-Level Further Maths tutoring?

  • One-on-one Further Maths tuition with Doc Ghouse.
  • Proven track record of improving student’s grades and understanding.
  • Bespoke, individually prepared lessons to fit with the student’s ability and learning style.
  • All examination boards covered
  • No need for either the student or tutor to travel.
  • Have Further Maths lessons anywhere as long as you can access a computer/laptop.
  • Have lessons at anytime to fit your schedule.
  • Use of Skype or Whereby to talk to students.
  • Use of Scribblar as an interactive whiteboard and collaboration.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for any further questions you may have about Further Maths tutoring, including prices.

If you don’t see the answers you require, give me a ring or drop me an email.

Call me: 0121 247 6572 or 07875 081 836

Email me: docghousemaths7861@gmail.com