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About Me

Hello, I’m Doc Ghouse and I offer maths tuition, online and face to face in Birmingham.

My Qualifications to Tutor Maths

I am a fully qualified mathematics teacher (I have a BSc, Masters, PhD, PGCE & an enhanced DBS certificate) and this is my 32nd year in the teaching profession. I have had the privilege of been a Senior Examiner for one of the major Exam Boards in England.

Online Maths Tutor Birmingham

Tutoring maths since 2003, I have been delivering online tuition since 2010, although many of you have only recently encountered it because of the pandemic. Online delivery has been a sensible option and allows me to connect with students all over the world (currently, most of my students are based in the UK; however, I also have students from Cyprus, Honk Kong, Pakistan, Syria & Singapore).

Online Maths Tutoring Works

If you are worried about online tuition and how it will work and whether a screen between your child and their teacher will impede learning, I would emphatically encourage that you give it a go; it has certainly worked for hundreds of my students over the years and enabled them to achieve or surpass their predicted grade.

If for any reason, you are sceptical about online teaching and learning (e.g., via Skype) I would like to reassure you by stating that it is very straightforward and, if circumstances warrant, your child can do it at flexible times, on holiday, at their grandparents. In fact, it is so flexible that it also saves you time driving to a well-qualified tutor.

Platforms I use for Online Maths Tutoring

I use Skype or Whereby to talk to and see my students, and an interactive colourful teaching platform programme called Scribblar. I create a ‘room’ for each student which has its own whiteboard, and I fully prepare bespoke lessons and worksheets in advance. I upload material I want to discuss and students can download sheets from the room themselves.

Interactive Learning

Inspirational teaching style makes my students confident.

Individual Lectures

I prepare differentiated lessons for each individual student

Distance Learning

Advance teaching techniques

My Expertise

I offer bespoke online tutoring for all levels of Mathematics:

• GCSE, iGCSE & National 5
• A-Level, Higher and Advanced Higher
• Further Mathematics
• University-Level Engineering Mathematics
• Independent Learning Skills
• Time Management Skills
• Exam Taking Skills

Personally speaking, for me, spending time getting to know each student and watching them develop their mathematical skills and confidence is extremely rewarding. Nothing really beats seeing a concept click into place when a student has an “aha!” moment – it’s the best feeling in the world for an educator!

Personalised Lessons

My tutoring / teaching style is very much conversational, and I will always try to draw the student towards answering their own question, rather than providing them with an outright answer. With a new tutee I will always commence by getting to know them, and what their goals are to ensure that our expectations match, and I encourage parents to be actively involved at this stage if the student is under 18. After setting expectations, I am happy to keep parents informed of students’ progress but I generally encourage the student to be responsible for their own learning as I find this helps to foster a sense of intellectual independence.

Furthermore, before we agree to work together, I will ask you to read and accept the contents of a two-sided document explaining my prices and cancellation policy etc. I do charge for cancellations, so please bear that in mind.

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